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Pelicans season pass terms and conditions

Pelicans Season Ticket Continuous Subscription Terms and Conditions 2023-2024
  1. The subscriber can cancel the Liiga season ticket subscription in writing ( before the start of the next league season, but no later than June 15, 2023. For example, if the subscriber wishes to cancel the continuous subscription before the 2023-2024 season, it must be done by June 15, 2023.

  2. Additionally, you can cancel a playoffs season ticket by notifying in writing ( at least two weeks before the end of the regular Liiga season. In this case, your normal season ticket subscription will continue in the fall when the new regular season starts.

  3. Changing your season ticket seat for the 2023-2024 season incurs a fee of 20 euros. Seat changes are possible after the end of the season. Notification of seat change must be made one week before the start of the new season. Seat changes can be processed through (

  4. Pelicans has the right to modify the terms and conditions before the start of the 2024-2025 season, no later than June 1, 2024. Pelicans must provide advance notice of ticket prices before the subscriber's right to cancel the continuous subscription. Changes will be communicated via email and on the Pelicans website.

  5. Pelicans will charge its season ticket holders for playoff games based on the actual home games played.

  6. Pelicans is not obligated to refund any part of the purchase price of the season ticket if games are not held for reasons beyond Pelicans' control (force majeure). Such a hindrance may include, for example, a decree from the league or an authority. If, due to a force majeure event, more than one-third of Pelicans' home games remain unplayed, Pelicans will credit a portion of the unplayed games towards the next season's season ticket price.

  7. The subscriber has carefully reviewed the pricing of Pelicans season tickets before making the purchase. Pelicans will deliver the season ticket to the subscriber upon receipt of payment. Pelicans also reserves the right to suspend the usage rights of the season ticket if it has not been fully paid for. Pelicans has the right to charge the entire purchase price of the season ticket, even if the subscriber has not received the season ticket due to non-payment. The season ticket will be sent via mail before the start of the season unless otherwise agreed.

  8. Season tickets cannot be transferred to a third party if the pricing of the season ticket is based on the subscriber's personal benefit (e.g., disability season ticket).

Pelicans processes subscriber's personal data in accordance with data protection regulations (See